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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 12, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news on the cw. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." allegations he use his day job to boost business for one of his illegal side ventures. the system that could have allowed an officer accused of running a brothel to shut down competition. >> i've got to go somewhere else. keep our tax breaks or we will take our jobs somewhere else. oil company executives bring their message to capitol hill along with numbers that show they don't make that much money. >> do i ever feel rested? not very often. the only part of your d.n.a. you can change. ask your doctor about the new test that can lead to a healthier, less stressful life. and if you ever wanted to own a link to domestic terrorism your time has come.
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how much the unibomber's hoodie of horror might fetch on the auction block. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. just when you think the scandal couldn't get any worse we have learned that investigators are looking into new allegations against the dirty police commander. we have known about the drugs but tonight joe vazquez uncovers details about a woman the cop arrested for prostitution who then allegedly went to work for him. watch joe's story closely and he shows how the scandal comes full circle. >> reporter: as commander of c- net, the contra costa narcotics task force. two duties. rid the streets of drug and go after prostitutes and johns. now he admitted to selling the drugs confiscated by the officers in his command and he is facing new accusations he was running a brothel in this pleasant hill strip until. not just running the brothel
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but running off the competition. chris butler who rented this office space said norman wielsch used his powers as the task force commander to shut down other houses of prostitution to bolster business at his own brothel. two years ago norman wielsch arrested this woman and charged her with running a house of prostitution in walnut creek. court records show that charge was later reduced to disturbing the peace. jodie sims ended up working here two months later. jordie sims claimed she was helping butler open up a second private investigations office to screen job candidates. but neighbors observed something different. a steady stream of men coming and going late into the night and working girls letting them in. >> thought it it was
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prostitution for sure. >> the police department said it was the protocol to refer them to none other than c-net the task force led by norman wielsch. >> we don't want in our community. but to have law enforcement ignore it or actually take advantage of it is a shameful thing. >> in pleasant hill joe vazquez, cbs5. >> norman wielsch's attorney says accusations his client was involved in a brothel in any way, shape or form are false. but the attorney does say that norman wielsch admits to stealing and selling drugs. police now believe that the fatal shooting at a san jose state university parking garage resulted from a domestic dispute. the 54-year-old man allegedly shot and kill his wife and another man. 25-year-old cindy and 26-year- old kyle williams were honor students. they were just weeks away from graduating. a professor who taught both victims said that the two were not involved in a romantic
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relationship. evidence recovered at osama bin laden's compound is now providing the feds with the names of terrorist operatives unknown until now. video recorded with helmet cameras suggest there was only one firefight during that raid and it was in the guest house where a courier opened fire and was immediately gunned down. commandos found bin laden in the main house. they got away with garbage bags full of archives including notes about a major attack on the u.s. around the 10th anniversary of 9/11. >> he kept all of that information and he kept all of the data, computers, hard drives. this is what we are analyzing. and it shows that his focus was clearly the united states. >> u.s. officials can't understand why bin laden apparently left what amounts to the keys to his terrorist kingdom lying around in plain
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sight. the seals wouldn't have had enough time to fine the stuff if it was hidden. the show we have seen before. gasoline prices go up and oill oil executives go before congress. >> what we have to offer -- >> lovely statement. do you understand how out of touch that is? >> the five largest private oil companies are on track to make a combined $140 billion in profits this year. so democrats want to eliminate 2.1 billion in tax credits. but executives representing those companies argued raising their taxes would push gasoline prices even higher and drive down domestic production. >> i'm going to take my capital and since the u.s. is not attractive i've got to go somewhere else. >> do you think that your subsidy is more important than the financial aid we give to students to go to college.
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could you answer that yes or no? >> that is a very difficult question. two totally different questions. >> but we have to weigh those two things. >> the executives argue that oil makes less than other industries and they are right. oil producers make a net profit marginin of 6 cents per dollar compared to 16 cents for the tech industry and 17 cents in the pharmaceutical industry. but the volume is what is helping oil companies rake in billions of dollars in profits. republicans called today's hearing a farce since democrats do not have the votes to eliminate tax credits. watching feeds and walls very carefully on facebook. don't want any posts or comments out there that might hurt their reputation. tonight facebook is accused of trying to do just that. to google. mark sayre is live at facebook headquarters to explain how. mark? >> reporter: well, ken, it is certainly one of silicon valleys more interesting capers
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of late. a secret public relations campaign that came out only when a well respected blogger went public. they are two of the biggest titans in silicon valley. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg and larry paige. their respective corporate headquarters five miles apart. so why would facebook try to plant negative stories about google in the news? >> we are friends in the silicon valley until we are not and we have a lot of love/hate relationships relationships in the valerie. >> facebook is paying close attention to what google is doing and they might be scared about it. they looked a little bit like they needed to lash out against google. and they picked a strange way to do it. >> reporter: a representative of a powerhouse tried to generate an article on what he called google's sweeping violations of user privacy but the p.r.
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company did not disclose the client who wanted the article written about google was facebook. at issue, a new program called google social circles. >> if you want to put it in a single word it is your life they are interested in. >> reporter: c-net's brian cooley says there is lots at stake. >> to put it simply facebook doesn't like that google is searching social sites like facebook and reflecting some of the results of what you do in your social network life. >> reporter: in a statement facebook says "no smear campaign was authorized or intended. the issues are serious and we should have presented them in a serious and transparent way." for its part the p.r. company says the way this whole incident was handled is against its own policies the assignment from facebook should have been rejected. the company says as for google, ken, no comment. a lot of people talking about all this in silicon valley. the experts though say probably a small thing that will die out shortly but certainly is interesting. a battle of the titans. >> always something going on
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between these kind of companies. mark sayre in palo alto. thank you. a landmark study could change the way hiv patients receive treatment around the world. the research spans nine countries. investigators discovered giving drugs to patients early cut their risk of spreading the infection by more than 95%. >> treating individuals who are hiv infected sooner rather than later has a major impact on not having those individuals infect their uninfected sexual partners. >> doctors believe people will seek to start treatment earlier. the results were so significant that the trial was cut short. all hiv infected people were offered immediate treatment with the drug cocktail. tonight the san jose sharks are one step closer to their first stanley cup final appearance. >> we just won a cup.
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>> no, i didn't. sharks beat detroit to advance to the conference finals. next they are take on the vancouver canucks for a seven- game series. game 1 sunday in vancouver. dennis o'donnell of course will have highlights coming up in sports. in a week the feds will start auctioning off items that belong to ted kazinski. the unibomber. grace lee talked to an appraiser to find out what this kind of stuff might be worth. >> reporter: want to delve into the mind of a unibomber, buy some of his property. >> a screwdriver is just a screwdriver unless we can describe that it had some significant impact in the case. >> reporter: u.s. marshal saying next week they will auction off 60 items that once belonged to the unibomber and explain how each item was significant in the fbi investigation. most of the property was taken
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from his one-room cabin in montana. >> the manifesto is worth more because it is his actual thought process. >> reporter: an appraiser says the hottest item could be the manifesto. that will probably bring in the most catch. >> probably for the manifesto, 30, 50,000. >> reporter: he says the typewriter used to write the manifesto could bring in 10 to $20,000. together they could get an even higher price. and what about the notorious sunglasses and hoody that the uni bomber was seen wearing in his composite sketch. >> it might be 4 to 6000 even though there is a group of them. the hoodie probably 2 to 4000. >> reporter: also for sale the shoes he made with smaller soles attached. the pair could bring in a couple of thousand dollars but the whole collection could haul in $150,000.
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it will be an online auction for the man who injured 24 people and killed three with homemade bombs. the same man who fought against development and technology. >> i'm thinking it is not just a little irony, i think it is a lot of irony hearing that ted railed against technology and its impact on society and on civilization and now we are using that very technology to auction off artifacts of his life. >> typically after an investigation, once a legal battle is over, the fbi would destroy the evidence. the proceeds will go to the victims and families. the bidding starting on may 18th lasting for two weeks. an ebay style auction. >> i think they are way low. $150,000. i think there are some freaks who will bet way, way up for this stuff. >> one thing the appraiser said once you get institutions
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involved, museums, smithsonians he says the numbers could go way up. we will just have to see in the next couple weeks where the numbers are. >> hopefully it will end up in an institution like a museum. >> yes, hopefully. >> as opposed to someone's private collection. >> weird collection. thank you very much, grace. big brother is watching and if you are where you shouldn't be he is going to take a picture and tell you a thing or two. the can't miss alert system monitoring a bay area park. the show is back to having "two and a half men" but he wasn't one of them. who is stepping in to replace charlie sheen. be as important as getting your stress out. it shows in these strands of your d.n.a. they can increase depending on your lifestyle. >> the new stress test that will measure if healthy living will make a difference. coming up next.
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cholesterol checked. and it was developed right here in the bay area. on the healthwatch, dr. kim mulvihll shows us a link between your dna, and reducing stress. taking this test could be as important as getting your cholesterol checked. a link between your d.n.a. and reducing your stress. dr. kim mulvihill has the report. >> reporter: like many working moms lisa crams a lot into life. a typical day. >> get them dressed out the door and then to school and i go to work. stress is a constant part of my life and mostly it plays out in this feeling of always having to be somewhere exactly on time and having very little leeway. >> reporter: leaving her to wonder -- >> i just think this can't be good for me to be living like this all the time.
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>> there you go, honey. >> reporter: as early as this fall she may have a way to find out. scientists believe they can help identify and help treat problems caused by stress by taking a little bit of your blood or saliva then looking carefully at a critical part of your d.n.a. that critical part seen in fluorescent green. >> tumors have often been compared to the little plastic tips at the end of the shoe lays. >> reporter: dr. calvin harley with a company that has developed a test that can accurately measure the length of an individual's -- >> they are what behind a lot of different age-relate the diseases. >> reporter: and just like a tip of the shoe lace. can put you at a higher risk of heart disease, cancer, even dimensia. >> chronic stress itself is
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causing accelerated sell lar ageling. >> reporter: the good news, it is one part of the d.n.a. you can actually change. >> they can shrink or increase in length depending upon your lifestyle and risk exposures. >> reporter: the idea, get an annual checkup. >> if you have extremely short lengths and/or you monitor the length and they are rapid reductions in the length it may be indicative that there is a health problem. >> reporter: the doctor may then prescribe a better diet, exercise, even stress reduction. all which may slow down the shortening or boost their length. a change may occur in as little as four months. that's a test lisa would love to take. >> do i ever feel rested? not very often. >> reporter: if she could only find the time. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs5 health watch. the city of brentwood is using talking cameras to cut down on after-hour lotteriering
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and vandalism at -- lottery loitering and vandalism at creekside park. police installed them in response to grafitti, gang problems and drug use. the aclu of northern california expressed concerns about privacy. police say that the cameras are on public property and will only be on when the park is closed. speaking of on. she has been checking weather all day and has the latest. hi, roberta. >> good evening, ken and dana. hello, everybody. looked like tonight was quite the night for celebrating. what a festival that was tonight out near pier 1 this evening. 61 degrees. average high 65 going down to 49 degrees tonight. temperatures in the 40s across
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the board. looks like tomorrow morning's commute will be a little bit on the brisk side. official sunrise at 6:02. going to see an abundance of sunshine. this area of low pressure to the north of us disintegrating very rapidly scrubbing out the low clouds and fog under the influence of high pressure for one more day. lots of bright sunshine tomorrow. and once we get past tomorrow we will not see the sunshine again until thursday of next week. tomorrow with the sunshine temperature wise 58 degrees in pacifica to the low 70s in our inland areas. our interior valleys. mid-60s across the central bay. winds out of the southwest 15. ushering pollen around. tree and grass count on the medium side. looks like your cbs5 and seven- day forecast is extremely unsettled. we have a major player. an area of low pressure out of the gulf of alaska plunging into the bay area causing moatsly cloudy skies on saturday. looks like rain will hold off until about saturday night with hail. and then scattered showers on
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sunday. and then as we forge ahead on monday a lingering showering. number 2 on tuesday. lingering shower on wednesday. then sunshine returning to the bay area this time next week. not looking at a lot of rain as far as totals are concerned. just more of a nuance and uncharacterristic. >> longest winter on record ever. >> just keep hockey season going. >> they did it tonight. one of the biggest questions in hollywood right now may be answered. two insiders report cbs is close to signing a deal with ashton kucher to replace charlie sheen on "two and a half men." nor cbs or warner brothers would comment but ashton tweeted what's the square root of 6.25 today. the answer being two and a half. insiders say ashton will be paid around a million dollars an episode. sheen made twice that. we will be right back. our planes start flying when it's dark.
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and they don't stop flying until it's dark again. flying all day, every day.
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you deserve our best. that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule. ♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours. there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ] midsection. but is the you have seen what they can do. tornadoes carving a path of destruction across the country's midsection but is the u.s. special? are violent tornadoes like the ones we have had in the midwest found anywhere else on the earth. that's tonight's good question. meteorologists say the tornadoes that ripped apart the
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southeast several weeks ago were at one point so numerous they couldn't count them all. >> when we zoomed in in on echos every one was nearly textbook perfect rotating thunderstorms. >> the united states has the largest geographic area on the earth capable of produce those kind of violent stoppers. >> mississippi up through tennessee. southern parts of kentucky. alabama. georgia. eventually into the carolinas and parts of virginia. >> he says while it is true tornadoes can develop at locations all around the world, there are very few other places that can produce the giant killer tornadoes we see in the u.s. >> beng he says it has produced some wicked storms with bowling
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ball sized hail. but in terms of sheer size no place tops the u.s. for twisters. >> the u.s.a. is clearly the tornado alley of the world. >> go to click on connect to send me your good questions. san jose. one of the great series in nhl history is over. another thrilling finish. we will tell you who is moving on and who is going home. next. i am a sneeze whisperer.
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i am an allergy analyst. bermuda grass. ragweed. willow. i am a dander decoder. chihuahua. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about allergy relief.
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the san jose sharks were hoping to avoid just the fourth team in nhl history to lose a playoff series after leading three games to none. it all happened against detroit and it ended tonight. ryane clowe came back after missing game 6. san jose already up a goal late in the first. 2-0 sharks. move to the third.
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sharks up 2-1. devin setoguchi stone walled by patrick marleau puts it in the rebound. patrick marleau's first point of the series. san jose ahead 3-1. then 6 minutes to go in the game. detroit not done. this was an incredible shot. no chance with neme. under 30 seconds to go. from the opposite side. blisters a slap shot and he makes the save. tonight the sharks get the win and they are advancing to the conference finals against vancouver. dancing to the end of a great home stand. nate schierholtz got the start in right field today and delivered. went 3-4. r.b.i. base hit in the 2nd which scored the giants first run. they go on to win 4-3 and a perfect home stand at 6-0. todd mclelland put it best tonight. he said we scored a power play goal and killed all of theirs.
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game 1 vancouver on sunday. guys. >> all right. that had to be fun to be there. >> crazy. >> see you at 11 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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